About us

Follow along with Dunlap-Burroughs Construction LLC as we take on various home building and remodeling projects along the Eastern Shore of Baldwin County in Fairhope, Alabama. Fairhope is our home and we take great pride in where we live. One of our goals is to leave it better than we found it. The population growth in Fairhope, across Baldwin County, and the Gulf Coast in general, has transformed the area from a quite community on the Eastern Shore of Mobile Bay to a destination spot for people from across the United States and abroad. Real estate prices are soaring and new houses in subdivisions are being built across Baldwin County at a staggering pace by the big builders on what was once farm land not too many years ago. The downtown Fairhope neighborhoods like Fruit and Nut are also changing. What were once simple bay houses and cottages are now million dollar homes. Investors are buying old houses to tear down and building custom homes on the lots. Many other home owners are choosing to renovate their houses. Kitchen and Bath remodeling usually happen first. Of course many old houses need roofing, siding, structural repairs, etc too. We love a good remodeling project as each one presents its own set and challenges that force us to think critically as well as creatively. The before and after pictures are always amazing. The initial smiles from a happy home owner upon entering their newly renovated house, just realizing their goals for their property, gives us a great sense of pride and satisfaction in our work.